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March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had the chance to meet with Number 17 after their lecture on Thursday. They gave me an awesome critique of my project and some great suggestions. It was really helpful to have constructive criticism, but they also recognized the aspects of my project that I really care about. I appreciated that.

updates of my posters after having both a small group critique and meeting with number 17: Trying to make more of a connection between the designs. Focusing on doing one thing well rather than changing each poster



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All 6 posters (plus the Title poster which hasn’t been worked on in awhile) – in black and white to look at structure without the distraction of the colors

too busy.

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too much to do to make long blog posts…

Talked to Doug Hesseltine. Talked to Susan in small groups. Continuing to talk to Franc. Possibly looking at how to bring more “21st century design” into what I have been doing. Maybe that means somehow incorporating the photographs that I was looking at before. Anyway… snapshot of progress:

Whole Series

Wont have internet access over break… will post again after march 7th.


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My meeting with the writing tutor for the thesis went well. She understood what my project was really about and helped me work on my abstract and create an actual thesis statement. It was great to hear that someone got what I was trying to say in 1500 words.

Started working on my postcard, it will basically just be the question mark with the title of the series. Black or white negative space?

Click for Postcard


And continuing work on the posters…



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As always, the biggest struggle I am having is the copy for the posters. In small groups on Monday we talked about how to adjust the content to focus back on the idea of topics specifically relevant to people on our campus. After talking with the 4 other students in my group, I came up with these questions:

Do you know how long it takes to walk off 1lb? -Using landmarks that every Michigan student would know

Do you know the real price? (real price of food and the price of effects on your body)

Do you know what you body needs to study? (or something like this…)

Another one about servings and the last one about balance which hasn’t really changed. I’ve also cut out some of the man topics included on the title poster because nothing about my project related to them. Now the topics include Financial, Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual. This way I will have one poster for each topic.

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I was talking to someone in another IP section about printing options. We figured out that you can print on roll paper in the print studio, it looks like that will be the cheapest option for printing and allow me to make changes up until April 20th (since I’m printing myself). The only downside is that the largest paper width is 17″ instead of 22″ like I wanted. That changes the dimensions of the posters and the size of my thesis book – oh well. Adjustments happen. Hopefully a double-weight roll paper can be printed doublesided!

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new changes

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forgot one…

January is over.

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Tomorrow is the last day of January – just a little side note.

update: Still working on the first drafts of the 4 posters. I am have been thinking about using the idea of a lack of knowledge among students in a visual way… We’ll see what happens with that. I also moved everything in my studio. It felt claustrophobic.

Printing… That’s the big question. No commercial printers can print large format double sided. That means I would have to use offset if I want to have full size posters as part of my thesis. I sent in a quote to Print Tech (a printer that we use through the office I work at). I would need at least 10 plates made, that will be the expensive part. But on the plus side, once the plates are done I can print as many copies of the thesis as I want for very cheap.

progress so far:

another side note… What’s more important? Finishing IP or getting a job? Priorities. hmm